Electromagnetic Methods Research Consortium

The Electromagnetic Methods Research Consortium (EMRC)  supports research in electromagnetic (EM) exploration methods at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) at Columbia University. Research topics include innovating and testing new survey methods, developing novel data processing, modeling and inversion codes, analysis of survey data sets, and advancing EM geophysical theory. The consortium supports the continued development and improvement of high performance computing applications for EM modeling of magnetotelluric (MT), controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) and transient electromagnetic (TEM) data for onshore and offshore exploration. Current research focuses on parallel adaptive finite element methods for 2D and 3D non-linear inversion of EM data and Bayesian inverse methods for quantifying non-linear uncertainty in inverse models. Software developed under consortium funding is distributed to sponsors under open-source licenses. Graduate students and postdocs supported by the consortium receive research training and mentoring at LDEO, gaining fundamental theoretical knowledge and industry-relevant practical skills that are valuable for future careers in industry, government labs and academia. Sponsors are invited to attend the annual consortium workshop at LDEO, where research presentations showcase consortium projects and software tutorials provide hands-on training. Presentations, paper preprints, software and training manuals are made available through a members-only consortium website. The funding level is $25,000 per year with a two-year contract expected.

For more information, please contact:
Kerry Key