Second profile done? Check.

The night shift just pulled the 39th (and last) receiver back on the ship and that completes our second EM survey profile. Woohoo!   Now we have a 140 nautical mile transit to the southwest to our next survey area, corresponding to ALEUT Line 5 (our first two profiles corresponded to ALEUT Lines 2 and 3). The 2011 ALEUT project used seismic refraction and reflection data to image the subduction zone structure along this section offshore the Alaska peninsula; we’re now collecting EM data along a few of their profiles so that we can jointly interpret electrical conductivity and fluid content with geologic layering and structure inferred from the seismic images. Photos from today below.

Day shift: Eric Attias, Li Wei, Christine Chesley, Janine Andrys and Peter Miller.
Day shift landing a receiver on deck.
Night shift landing a receiver on deck.
Night Shift: Tanner Acquisto (back left), Julen Alvarez-Aramberri, Samer Naif, Chris Armerding, Goran  Boren (blue hard hat), Brandon Chase and Jasmine Zhu.
LDEO graduate student Tanner Acquisto.