Clear skies, calm seas and an underwater video

Around 3 AM  last night we finished recovering the ocean bottom EM receivers deployed along our first profile and by 4:45 PM we were on the deep end of the second profile deploying receivers every with 30 minutes, with 20 already deployed as I write this at 1:45 AM.    Some time after breakfast we should finish deploying the last receiver (39th) and then we will begin towing SUESI down the profile.

We have an awesome team of graduate students, postdocs, technicians and scientists that are doing a great job starting up data loggers, assembling and testing the receivers and making sure they get deployed safely down to the seafloor. BIG THANKS to all of you!   Some photos and videos from today below.

Night shift recovering a receiver last night.
Draft sketches for the cruise logo contest. I told the day and night shift teams that if they came up with a good logo, we’d put it on the cruise T-shirt and these are some early ideas. More to follow on this later..
EM receiver deployment viewed from the RV Sikuliaq’s bridge.
That big yellow hunk of metal is known as the headache ball for obvious reasons. It’s attached the end of the cable that the deck crane uses to lift our EM receivers over the side of the ship.
This is what it was like this afternoon. No joke. Offshore Alaska can be sunny and calm in the summer sometimes.
Lamont graduate student Christine Chesley enjoying the sunset tonight on the bow of the RV Sikuliaq.
Montage of video clips from receiver deployments in today's amazingly calm seas and clear skies. Stay to the end for the underwater view.