First deep-tow profile done

Today we completed deep towing our first profile. After bringing the SUESI transmitter back on deck we began recovering the seafloor EM receivers. First three are back on the ship and only 39 more to go. We are planning to release them in groups of 3-4 staggered every 30-60 minutes, so we should be done within another two days. Then we will transit to the next profile and repeat the whole process for another week. Then on to the 3rd and 4th profiles…but lets not get ahead of ourselves as there’s a lot of work ahead of us. Photos from the last day below.

SUESI back from spending two days in the briny deep, in time to  soak up some sunshine.
The essential glove and boot dryer being put to good use today.
Midnight to noon shift discussing the instrument recoveries on deck.