Deployments galore

Thanks to good weather, good ship handling and our hard working science team, we were able to deploy 36 receivers today (well, now yesterday since I write this just past midnight local time). We have a lot of new people on the science team this cruise and many of them have never gone to sea before or have never worked with marine EM equipment.  They all came up to speed quickly today. So big thanks to both the newbies as well as the old salts for making today go so smoothly. We have only six more receivers to deploy and then we will turn back around and head down the line to start deep-towing our controlled source electromagnetic transmitter system.  Here are photos and movies from the marathon of receiver deployments.

Check out the deployment list. After getting the more widely spaced first six receivers deployed, we were able to deploy the more closely spaced central receivers about every half hour.

Chris Armerding working the acoustic deck box to test the receiver’s acoustic release system.
Christine Chesley cleaning out the track on one of our concrete receiver anchors.
Graduate student Janine Andrys about to pull the release rope for the pelican hook so that the ocean-bottom electromagnetic receiver can free fall to the seafloor.
Eric Attias, postdoc from University of Hawaii