EMAGE Cruise is about to begin!

We’ve all arrived in Seward, Alaska, and boarded the RV Sikuliaq today. We need to prepare the OBEM receivers, set up the lab, terminate the deep-tow cable and make other preparations before the ship pushes off the dock tomorrow. The map below shows our four planned controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM and magnetotelluric (MT) survey profiles and some of the other past, present and upcoming geophysical surveys in this region.

Planned survey map showing four trench crossing EM profiles with 42 ocean bottom EM receivers (white dots) per profile. Grey lines show past active source seismic profiles and red lines show upcoming multichannel seismic profiles to be collected by another group this summer. Red circles show ocean-bottom seismometers currently deployed for the Alaskan Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment.