Final SUESI tow complete!

I’m delighted to report that we have succesfully completed our final SUESI tow of HT-RESIST. We managed to collect nearly 20% more controlled-source EM data on top of the ~400 line-km originally planned. That may not seem like a big deal, but in the marine research world, it’s an achievement to celebrate (and celebrate we will, likely with oysters and karaoke). It’s all thanks to the 29 days of continuous and very hard work put in by the science party and the crew of the R/V Revelle.

The entire science team keeping it cool and prepping for the final SUESI deployment of the cruise. Clockwise from back left: Samer Naif, Eric Attias, Christine Chesley, Christopher Armerding, Joanna Sherman, Gesa Franz, Andrea Adams, Bar Oryan, Jacob Perez, and Daniel Blatter.

Our work schedule will mellow out for the remainder of the cruise, and I should be able to post a few more blurbs on how the data are turning out, and what is left for us to do before returning to Wellington port.