(not quite) 100% data recovery: part 3

We completed OBEM recoveries for the northern transect early this morning. Although the SUESI operations proceeded without a hitch, this time around we hit a snag with logger setups. Three OBEM receivers were programmed to wake up and begin recording on the wrong date (Dec 2019 vs Dec 2018), and so were recovered with no data on them. Unfortunately, these were deployed consecutively and were centered on the trench axis. I was quite irritated by this all day yesterday, but such is life. Besides that, the remainder of the sites were recovered with plentiful high quality data, including the sites where we performed the additional crossline tows. Overall, very proud of our science team’s performance. It also helps that Poseiden must have sensed my frustration, because he gifted us with a wonderful display of dolphin magic that same afternoon, and I actually managed to snap a few pics of some bow surfing action.


Currently deploying more OBEM receivers and getting ready to start ops for our central crossing transect, the final SUESI tow of our voyage!